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About Indome Appliance Co.

    INDOME APPLIANCE COMPANY HAS BEEN PROVIDING SAFETY PRODUCTS TO INDUSTRIES IN AND AROUND BANGALORE. Indome Appliance is one of the few names in the Handglove industry to custom stitch with utmost accuracy and holds itself to the highest standards of materials and stitching. Some of the products of the company include Cotton Hosiery (Banyan Cloth) handgloves, Reversible Handgloves, Drill Canvas Handgloves, Aprons and Mouth Masks.


Our vision is to provide Best Quality Stitched COTTON HANDGLOVES.


Our mission is to give Quality and Durability and thus economy in usage. However, we want to go a step further and be a great help to the workmen in safe and soft handling of their tools, parts, and machinery etc, so that their productivity will be the safest and the best.